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Health Insurance

Health insurance or Medical insurance covers your medical expenses when you get sick or need preventive care. There are private health insurance and government (Federal or State) assisted or sponsored programs for different options, so it could be confusing sometimes in deciding where to get the health coverage. Below are some general guidelines for a starting point:

  • If you receive group health plans from your employer, it is likely the best option for you to go with your company’s health plan.

  • If you are senior (65 or above), check Medicare option first.

  • If you are low-income, check Medicaid option first. Note that some states have their own Medicaid program, for example, Medicaid is called MediCal in California.

  • Don’t assume your income is not qualified for Medicaid.

  • If you don’t work or are self-employed, check Medicaid or other state subsidy program.

  • If you are qualified for Medicare, you need to apply for Medicare prior to Medicaid.

Still not clear what your options are - Contact our agents to discuss the best option for you.

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